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Automate Reporting
without Breaking the Budget

Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting

Report Hippo provides in-depth and detailed reporting to help you optimize your SEO strategy effectively.

Client Login
Client Login

Enhance client collaboration with our secure client login, giving them direct access to their SEO insights and progress.


Enjoy cost-effective pricing that's more affordable than our competitors, ensuring you get the most value for your SEO reporting needs.

Choose the perfect plan for your needs.

Always flexible to grow As SEO Agency Owners ourselves, we understand that delivering our reports to Clients is crutical. You've put all this hard work into delivering great results, but end of the month you don't want to pay premium for a simple Analytic Data sheet.

That's why we created Report Hippo, a SEO & Google Ads Reporting tool that allows you to focus on results without breaking the budget.

pricing plans

The right plan for
your business

Choose the perfect plan for your needs. Always flexible to grow



$4.99 USD

per client

Client Login Access

Custom Branding

Email Support

Detailed SEO and Google Ads Reporting

Backlink Monitoring

Up to 50 Tracked Keywords per Client

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Report Hippo is a cost-effective SEO & Google Ads reporting tool.

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